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Parish Life


Have you ever wondered how the cogs turn in a busy parish like St. Andrew's, Teesville. Have you ever wondered who cleans our churches; arranges the beautiful floral displays; counts the collection money or opens the doors of our churches for us.
Well the truth is, it just doesn't happen. The Parish Priest, Fr. Gubbins, has an army of helpers who work tirelessly behind the scenes.
Over the coming months we'll be looking at some of the people who keep the wheels of the parish turning like a well oiled machine.


St. Andrew's Parish Bereavement Support Group

St. Andrew's Parish Bereavement Support Group was formed a couple of years ago, when there was a gap identified in the community for such a group.
The group are pictured above (back row, left to right) Joan Fox, Sandra O'Hagen, Eileen Best, Margaret Shannon, Cath Coyle; (front row left to right) Mary Steele, John Fox, Sr. Maria Varley and Val Nevison.
The group offer a listening ear to those who have been bereaved rather than give advice. They hold regular drop in meetings in St. Andrew's Parish Hall and St. Anne's Church alternately.
If you have been bereaved recently there is no need to suffer alone. You can contact the Bereavement support Group on 01642 453556.


Picture the scene for a moment. You arrive at church, walk over to the newsletters and pick one up, go into the church and take your seat. After saying a prayer you look at the newsletter, read the Gospel, look at the notices and then look straight for the Sunday Smile. But have you ever wondered who takes the time to fold them nice and neatly ready for you to pick up.
The answer is the 'Origami Club'. They arrive at the sacristy on a Friday evening at 5.30 ready to fold more than 500 newsletters which have been printed on the Friday morning.

The 'Origami club'

Members of the team are Mary Steele, Cath Hartley, Brian and Eileen Mackin, Mary Ward and Margaritte Cockett. They have been members of the Origami Club since the newsletter was created in its present format six years ago by former parish priest, Fr. Neil McNicholas. Our picture above shows four members of the club folding the latest newsletter — Brian and Eileen Mackin, Margaritte Cockett and Mary Steel. Missing from the picture are Cath Hartley and Mary Ward.
So if you are one of the people who never take your newsletter home spare a thought for the six members of the team who have given their time to fold it for you!


Each Monday after 9.15 am Mass in St. Andrew's Church.

Meditation Group:
Tuesdays, 7.00 pm in Room 3 of the parish hall, newcomers most welcome

Mother's Prayers
Tuesdays, 10.00 am in Room 3 of the Parish Hall.

Prayer Of the church:
Divine Office is prayed on weekdays 15 minutes before Mass begins.

Stations of the cross
Every Friday morning after Mass. CHECK MASS TIMES

St. Vincent De Paul (SVP):
Alternate Mondays, 7.00 pm in Room 6 of the parish hall. New members most welcome.

Preparation for Sunday Gospel:
Tuesday's 11 am at St. Anne's Church, upstairs.

St. Padre Pio Prayer Group:
Alternate Thursday's at 10.30 am at 4, Sleights Crescent, Eston. Newcomers most welcome.

in honour of our lady of Perpetual Help:
Thursday's at St Andrew's after morning Mass.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament:
Each Tuesday after the morning Mass at St. Andrew's and on Monday's at St. Anne's House 11-12 noon in aid of vocations.

Legion of Mary:
Monday's after the morning Mass in room 6 of the parish hall upstairs.

Mercy Associates:
1st Wednesday of month in the parish hall, Fabian Road, 2 pm. Newcomers most welcome. See Marion Serplus or Margaret Shannon for details.

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