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LENT 2021
Despite the restrictions we are encouraged by the church to see Lent as a fruitful time of prayer, penance and works of mercy.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 17th. It is a day of Fasting and Abstinence. Fasting means one meal only and two light snacks; it is binding on Catholics 18 – 60 years old. Abstinence means not eating meat and is binding on Catholics from 14 year of age.

Friday, February 26th is Cafod Lent Fast Day. Donations can be left at the parish or sent directly to Cafod.

Let us offer the forty days of Lent to God for an increase of faith, hope and charity in reparation for our sins and putting our trust in this for the future

THE YEAR OF ST. JOSEPH (December 8th, 2020 – December 8th, 2021)
by Rt. Rev. Terence Patrick Drainey, Bishop of Middlesbrough

St. Joseph with Jesus

On the 8thDecember 2020, Pope Francis wrote a letter to all the faithful to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the proclamation of St Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church. It is called Patris Corde or in English, With a Father’s heart.

Among many other things he declared a year dedicated to St Joseph from 8th December 2020 through till 8th December 2021. As St Joseph is the guardian of the Holy Family, so he is the guardian of the whole Church, our local Churches, our families, and he is a ready protector and intercessor for each of us. The traditional way of expressing this has always been the exhortation – Ite ad Joseph – Go to Joseph. So many saints and mystics in the Church have promoted devotion to Joseph built on their personal experience of his protective care for them. I quote from the autobiography of St Teresa of Avila, chapter 6: “I do not remember even now that I have ever asked anything of him (St Joseph) which he has failed to grant. I am astonished at the great favours which God has bestowed on me through this blessed saint, and at the perils from which He has freed me, both in body and in soul.”

In order to celebrate this year of St Joseph and to help each of us grow in devotion to him, I would propose that we focus on the following suggestions:

A Novena to St Joseph beginning on 10th March in order to prepare for his feast day on 19th March this year. You will find the prayers for the Novena here:

The Novena could be prayed at home as a family of by individuals, or in Church in the form of a public service, depending on the circumstances and Covid19 restrictions.

Each Wednesday, if there is no other feast or obligatory Memoria, the Votive Mass of St Joseph might be celebrated (see p.1422 of the Roman Missal); readings could be taken from the feasts of either 19th March or 1st May, if so desired, but better to use the readings provided by the Church for that day.

The Litany of St Joseph could be used as part of our daily devotions or incorporated into the Novena or other paraliturgical services that are celebrated in our Churches, Prayer Groups/Meetings etc. The Litany can be found here together with other helpful resources about St Joseph and the Year of St Joseph:

Schools, both primary and secondary, are warmly encouraged to enter into the spirit of the year by helping our children and young people to come to know St Joseph as their personal guardian and helper, the man appointed by God the Father to nurture and educate Jesus as he grew from infancy, childhood and into adolescence. He was the one who taught Jesus his trade - carpentry. What a powerful and attractive patron we have in St Joseph! Surely the way Jesus saw the world, treated others, spoke, and prayed to his heavenly Father must have been influenced by his interaction with St Joseph.

There is a special section of the Diocesan website dedicated to St Joseph which can be found here:

As time goes on and we move further into the year, more things will be suggested and different ways of celebrating this year will be offered.

There is also a Plenary Indulgence connected with the Year and the devotions to St Joseph. Information on this can be found on the link already mentioned above:

and scroll down the page until you come to the part entitled Conditions For The Plenary Indulgence During The Year Of St. Joseph.

Within the next few weeks, the Diocese will be producing a prayer card with the Holy Father’s prayer to St Joseph to be distributed to every parish and school in the diocese. During the course of this year, may we, as the Diocese of Middlesbrough, experience St Joseph’s care and protection for us, and as we grow in devotion to him, may we come to know and love Jesus, our Saviour and be wrapped in the maternal love of Mary, our mother, the Mother of God and the spouse of St Joseph.

At the moment we are unable to open our church for a public Mass on Wednesday mornings due to a reduced number of available stewards. Our Friday, Saturday and Sunday Masses are able to continue at this present time.

Stewards have to be under 70 with no serious health concerns. If any member of the parish who meets the criteria is able to offer help on a Wednesday morning it would be appreciated.

Thank you to the volunteers who feel able to continue to open up for Mass. Hopefully the situation will improve later in the year. In the meantime let us continue to pray for one another.

The annual White Flower Appeal retiring collection taken recently on behalf of SPUC raised £191.01. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this important work.

Below is the list of all the winners in our 2020 300 Club draws, from March to December. The March to August draws were made after Mass on Friday, August 28th by the duty stewarding team. The September to December draws were made on Friday, January 8th, 2021 by the duty stewarding team. Thank you all for your support and congratulations to the winners.

1st £90 C McNicholas 131
2nd £15 J Moore 162
3rd £10 Alex Mackie 147

1st £90 Ann White 250
2nd £15 Betty Rollings 283
3rd £10 M Forrestal 63

1st £90 Ann Cuthbert 48
2nd £15 John Gardner 76
3rd £10 Rita McClurey 140

1st £90 E Thompson 226
2nd £15 R Minns 330
3rd £10 Betty Thomas 220

1st £90 Jenny Tuffnell 229
2nd £15 Brian Walsh 243
3rd £10 A Reece 262

1st £90 P Rainton 190
2nd £15 Val Maughan 155
3rd £10 Linda Breckon 12

The September to December 300 Club draws in 2020 were made on Friday, January 8th, 2021 by the duty stewarding team. Thank you all for your support and congratulations to the winners.

1st £90 A Haley 84
2nd £15 A Mackie 150
3rd £10 Hannah Conway 53

1st £90 Clare McNicholas 131
2nd £15 Michael Clark 34
3rd £10 Judith Haley 278

1st £90 James Haley Winard 257
2nd £15 W Graham 80
3rd £10 Bernard Twohig 231

1st £90 B Jackson 101
2nd £15 Wendy & Michael Wall 238
3rd £10 Mary McGough 134

Please contact Paul Terry to claim your prize. If you know anyone who has won and is unable to get to Mass please ask them to contact Paul at the parish office.

We are now allowed to light 7 day votive candles but to keep everyone safe in these crazy days, the following procedure needs to be followed:

They are availble at the entrance of St. Andrew's Church where you can take a candle from the box on the table and remove the yellow lid.

A steward will light the candle for you.

Take it to one of the 7 day candelabra's and place it in the first available slot starting on the top row.

DO NOT STAY AT THE CANDELABRA but follow the steward who will show you to your seat where you can say your thanksgiving prayer.
Cost of the candles are £2.50 each.

We are happy to announce that Masses have returned to St Andrew's Church after being closed since March 23rd due to the Covid-19 Lockdown! However, the Sunday obligation continues to be suspended until further notice.

Due to social distancing laws we are only allowed fifty five people in the church for any one Mass and we must stick to this figure without any exceptions. To help manage this we have launched a Mass booking system which you can access via our HOME PAGE

We do of course have to point out that we have to keep everyone in the church safe so if you are showing any of the following symptoms then please do not attend the Mass:


Our priority is to keep parishioners safe while in the church, so while we are living with these restrictions we all have to accept that we can no longer just turn up expecting to get in for a particular Mass. If you are unable to book in for a Mass please don’t turn up at the church but rather look at alternatives. Because their is no Sunday obligation you could try one of the weekday Masses which maybe quieter. Whatever you decide please be considerate to other parishioners and do not block book Masses; it’s only fair that everyone in the parish should have a chance to attend at least one Mass.

The answer is Yes...but only if you can!

Please be mindful that from August 8th it becomes the law to wear a face covering in all enclosed spaces including places of worship.

However, not everyone can wear a face covering and there are various reasons why this may be the case, therefore these people are exempt from this rule. We must be equally mindful that it is not up to any one of us to question or ask for a reason why a person may not be wearing a face covering but rather accept and respect the fact that they can't cover their faces.

We must remember that this latest rule has been instigated to keep everyone attending Mass safe so in St. Andrew's Parish our stewards will continue to strongly encourage the wearing of face coverings during Mass.

For the governments announcement which was made on July 31st regarding face coverings and more information go to


A socially distanced Mass in St. Andrew's Church

All fifty five places were taken at 10.30 am Mass on Sunday, August 16th, pictured above. The Mass was celebrated by Fr. Michael Sellers and con-celebrated by Fr. Jack Mckeever. Remember to attend one of the Masses in St. Andrew's Parish you have to book in one of two ways, either by using our Mass Booking System or by telephoning 07756443692. Also ring this number if you have booked a Mass that you can no longer attend. The days of Masses are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, each one at 10.30am. These days and times are under constant review as more parishioners find the confidence to return to Mass.
If you would like to come back to Mass but are unsure, just ring the number above and we may be able to help you take that first important step.

We are extremely lucky to have 20 volunteer stewards working in five teams of 4, 1 team at each Mass. They do a great job helping to make sure that we are all safe while in the church.

Well the first thing to say is that without these teams of volunteers we would not be able to have any Masses in the parish. Their presence is a stipulation from the Bishops of England and Wales that we have had to put in place in order to open our church. Here at St. Andrew's we are in a very fortunate position in that we have 5 teams of 4 stewards, one team for every Mass plus one team on standby. A further stipulation was that the volunteers has to be under 70 and not in a vulnerable group. It stands to reason then that some parishes could not find anyone suitable to take on the role and so have to remain closed and some parishes found enough volunteers to have just one Mass a week. At St. Andrew's we are able to offer four Masses a week with the possiblity of a fifth if demand continues to climb.

Well the first thing the stewards will do when they first arrive is put on their face masks, gloves, aprons before anyone arrives and wipe down all door handles and anything else that people may have touched.

One of the stewards will stay by the exit door, not to stop people escaping but to make sure that everybody uses the proper entrance door and to help any disabled parishioners coming in (disabled people have use this door to enter as its the closest to the ramp).

There will normally be two stewards on the entrance door and as people arrive one of the stewards will mark their names off the attendance list which has been generated by the Mass Booking System and to make sure that we do not go over our maximum capacity of fifty five people. The second steward will put sanitiser onto your hands. We have to point out here that using hand sanitiser is not negotiable and is a condition of entry to the church.

Another steward will then take you along the one way route to the first available seat ensuring a 2 metre distance between different households. People should sit exactly where the steward asks them to and not move to another seat or move about the church.

At Communion, which in these strange times is after the blessing, the stewards will guide you out via the side aisles a bench at a time allowing for social distancing, to receive the Sacrament at one of two kneelers in front of the Sanctuary. Once the Sacrament has been received people leave the church immediately via the centre aisle and main doors and not return to their seats. Two stewards will be on the exit door to sanitise your hands as you leave and to ensure that people do not linger for a chat in the porch or on the church steps.

When everyone has left the church the team of stewards stay behind to clean and sanitise the benches and kneelers and every other surface that has been used during the Mass ready for next time. The stewards then leave and the church is locked.

As a final word and as mentioned at the beginning, we are extremely lucky to have so many parishioners willing and able to volunteer to carry out the role so that we can open at least one of our churches in the parish. But if they didn't give up their time freely the rest of us would not be able to attend Mass. So the next time you go to Mass why not say a quiet thank you to them.

The Diocesan Adult Formation department have put together a 'mini retreat' to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady.

The retreat consists of nine days of prayer from Saturday, August 8th to the great feast of the Assumption which is celebrated in our diocese on Sunday, August 16th.

This ‘Mini Retreat’ is an attempt to ease the burden on those who are unable to watch streamed Masses and other liturgies but can be used by anyone.

There is a Resource Booklet which is intended to help you journey through the nine days of prayer culminating in the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, by using the Gospel passages of the day taken from Holy Mass.

The booklet offers a structure for your prayer time and it suggests that you choose a time during the day that suits you best. This could be the time that you would usually attend Mass or, early in the morning, midday, evening, whatever time suits you.

There are copies of the resource booklet at the back of St. Andrew's Church though we would request that you keep these for people who do not have access to the internet and that you download and print out the resource booklet from the link above.


Marathon in a Month

Over the past few years St Margaret Clitherow's Catholic School (SMC) in South Bank have been fundraising to replace the outdoor play area and castle in the school grounds, that had to be dismantled when it became very unsafe. They set a target to raise at least £15,000 and with the fantastic support from staff, parents, the community and local businesses have managed to raise approximatley £11,000 so far.

The school had lots of fundraising activities planned for this year but it figured without the intervention of the Coronavirus and the national lockdown which started on March 23rd. And it looks very doubtful that the school will be able to hold fundraising events for the rest of this year and maybe not even into 2021.

Enter Nicola Eddon and her two children, James and Sophie who are both pupils at the school.

Nicola takes up the story: “I was thinking, what can we do to help? “We’ve been getting out and I’ve been doing a little bit of running, but I wanted the kids to understand the importance of giving something back".

Nicola, Sophie and James have taken on the massive challenge of running a Marathon in a Month and are hoping to raise £4000, which is the remainder of the total needed and they have already raised their first £1000 in just 12 days.

Nicola added: "Although running a marathon in a month may not be a big deal to some people its a really big challenge to us. We've even had special 'Marathon in a Month' t-shirts printed in the school colours which we wear when we are out running".

If you would like to donate to the 'Marathon in a Month' challenge, Nicola has set up a 'Just Giving Page' which you can access via the link below.


Mick and Mal Applegarth

St. Andrew's parishioners, Mick and Mal Applegarth celebrated 50 years of marriage on Friday, January 24th and to mark their milestone they were presented with a bouquet of flowers on Saturday, Janurary 25th at the 6.30 pm Mass by Fr. Michael Sellers.

The couple met when they lived in the same street and have been soul mates ever since. Mick and Mal were married on Saturday, January 24th, 1970 in St. Peter's Church, South Bank by Fr. Joseph O'Mahony.

From 1987 - 2001 Mick was the resident parish DJ at 'the Andrew's disco' and other parish functions including Easter, Christmas, fundraising, youth club events and not forgetting the New Year's Eve Dance when the hall was packed with revellers dancing to Victor Sylvester, Agadoo, The Birdy Song and Rock 'n' Roll Christmas songs.


Parishioners from St. Andrew's Parish are pictured in front of the Church of The Annunciation in Walsingham. The group travelled on the Diocsean Pilgramge to the National Shrine of Our Lady in Norfolk on Saturday, October 26th and returned the following day. The pilgrimage was led by Fr. Pat Hartnett pictured with the group in the middle of the back row.


Amanda braves the shave

A brave St. Andrew's Parishioner is probably feeling a little bit colder around her head this week after having all her hair shaved off for charity!

Amanda Seabourne, who lives in Normanby, was inspired to take part in Macmillan Cancer Supports 'Brave The Shave!' campaign after fighting cancer herself. Amanda survived breast cancer ten years ago and felt she needed to do something to celebrate the milestone. In her write-up for the sponsorship forms Amanda writes: " At first I was stuck as to what I could do because I don't run, jog or do any sport and I don't bake but when I heard about 'Brave The Shave!' I thought now this is something I could do." And with that Amanda registered for the event and sent off for the sponsorship forms.

Amanda 'Braved The Shave!' in front of a rather large crowd of her work mates and friends and had her hair shaved off in the office where she works and raised over £1000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.